How to build ardour for windows?


how to build ardour for windows?

Please give me step by step instructions

Where can i download source code?

I have windows 10 home

Thank you

jessica jones

You can also email me

The builds downloaded from the Ardour web site are built on a linux distribution (seems to be Debian based on the build logs).
Someone does maintain a Visual C++ project in the source tree, in a directory still named MSVCardour3 presumably because that was the historical name and it was just never renamed as newer versions were released. I don’t know how many people actually use the VC++ project, I only see commit logs from one person in the git repository, so possibly there is only one person who ever builds using Visual C++.

The primary developers have commented in the past that the biggest hurdle to building the Windows version is not compiling the Ardour application, but getting all the necessary libraries compiled first. The primary development for Ardour has always been linux, so not surprisingly most of the libraries have a linux heritage, which makes building on linux much less troublesome.

You start by clicking the “Download” link at the top over every page on
Click the “Source code” link and it will drop you lower on the page where you get to select downloading a tar file of the latest source, or cloning the git repository.
Ardour download

The build info for the machine used to build the official download binaries is here:
Ardour build and library versions

The build log showing the configuration command used at the top of the file is here:
Latest nightly build log for Windows

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