How to assign a VST Instrument to a MIDI file track and play with FX

Hello community.-

I know how to add VSTs to my tracks/projects, but the problem is that i add a MIDI file, that is a .mid extension file with sound in every instrument of a song, and i want the VST FX y assign make a effect on the midi file when its playing, with that i mean i want to “modify” the default instrument MIDI sound with a VST i add to that track. How can i acheive this? Because i have been months with this issue, and i cant just figure it out and i fell im wasting time. Thank you in advance !!!

This depends on the VSTi that you’re using.

Usually this is achieved via MIDI Patch/Program messes that are part of the MIDI data.
The synth-plugin however must recognize and respond to these.

General MIDI Synth (plugin comes with Ardour binaries) is one example of a plugin that honors MIDI patches and changes the instrument sound depending on the .mid data.

@x42 , thank you so much !!! I have been trying to do that since i know ardour ! I had no clue that synth can do that, thanks again

Hello Robin.-

I have installed Ardour 7 but i cant find Gemeral MIDI Synth, how can i use it? Thanks in advance

It comes with official binaries downloaded from Most GNU/Linux distros do not package it.

If you got Ardour from a 3rd party, you can manually install (or compile) it: x42 General MIDI Synth

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