how to apply jamin effects to an audio file

I was wondering if anybody knows how to apply jamin to an audio file as opposed to having to do everything realtime. If not, I’d be interested in developing jamin as a plugin to audacity or something to that effect. Thanks!

do you mean like using jamin as a plugin ? apart from using as an insert in ardour, which is the closest thing that looks like a jamin plugin, I don’t know how. But if you develop such a plugin, it would be great!
but IIRC, there wused to be a jamin related plugin … I don’t know for sure, it’s been a long time since I saw that (pre ardour2 era).

yes, I’m talking about having a plugin for Audacity or something that you can apply the effects to a .wav file and see changes immediately, as opposed to recording the output of Jamin, which could take a very long time when recording a whole cd or something like that. I want to view a wav file, apply changes, and then view the new wav file, without waiting to re-record a 5 minute song every time. I know there are compressor plugins, but I’d like the quality and features of jamin processing a data file instead of an audio stream. If anybody is interested in helping me grab some of the jamin source and making it into an audacity plugin or something that’d be awesome. With a feature to save jamin settings and apply them to the plugin, or something to that effect. I know some C++, but it’s been awhile, and I don’t know anything about plugin development or audio processing.


what would be great is to have jamin ported to LV2 or even ladspa plugin. that would make the difference. so you could use it in every compatible linux audio soft that support those standards.

Yes, I’d like to look into doing this, but I don’t know how to develop plug-ins (I’ll do some research), and also I couldn’t get lv2 support when I compiled the latest Ardour 2.4.1. From what I’ve seen, there is not much of a gui for ladspa, so it couldn’t show the knee of low/mid/high ranges graphically (I may be wrong). And I’d have to get lv2 working before I could test it out. I’ll post any progress I make, and if anybody else wants to help contribute, that would be amazing. I’ll also check other threads that may be related.

to get lv2 installed i got to do this :

getting lv2
svn co

compiling it
./configure && make && sudo make install (from what i can remember)

you have to do this at the top level directory (lad)

i hope it helps

see ya

I can’t configure and install because the configure file is missing. I don’t see it when browsing
And, after playing around with Ardour and doing some more research, I’ve found out that if you set jamin as an insert effect (rather than chaining it between the master output and your sound card) it will process through jamin during export, without having to wait for re-record. I think it still could process faster, because it’s rendering the graphic eq and all the meters in jamin when you render, but it’s definitely an improvement. Anyway, I’ll try to figure out how to get lv2 and recompile ardour for testing.


my bad, replace configure by autoconf

i would pay money to get someone to port jamin to lv2… don’t have much, but i’d add to a bounty :slight_smile:

i’m sick of loading up a song only to realise i forgot to launch jamin first and have to reconnect the insert inputs/outputs before resaving. and i’d love to have all the jamin settings stored in the ardour project file so i don’t have to load multiple files.