How to add more synthesizers to MIDI track menu?

When creating a MIDI track you can select from the drop-down menu what the device is. I assume there is a way to add more to this list, even if it’s just in a configuration file. How can I do this?

For example it has Casio, but under Casio it only has CZ-1. I don’t have a CZ-1, I have a CZ-101. I would like to add CZ-101 to the menu. SImilarly I have a TG33 and FB-01, but these devices are not available in the Yamaha sub-menu.



Ok I answered my own question by looking in /usr/share/ardour8/ They are Midnam files, which I was not familiar with. I guess I will need to figure out how to make new ones that are accurate.

You will only see listed there devices for which we have a MIDNAM file. These do not exist for every device, in fact they exist for relatively few devices. We have scoured the internet and have collected more or less all the ones that exist, and users have added a few more.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been looking into how to make new ones.

I’ll submit my MIDNAM files for the Casio CZ-101, Yamaha FB-01, and Yamaha TG33 once I have them configured correctly for the devices.

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