How to add artificial latency to tracks?

I have tried adding latency with the adjust latency option on each track. I have also tried the artificial latency plugin. None of them make any difference. Am i missing something?

What are you trying to accomplish?

I have tracks that i want to send to a bus with a hardware insert. I have measured the round trip latency in the send/return window but there is a slight flam still, so i was wondering if adjusting the latency would get rid of this?

the artificial latency plugin is a way of lying about latency, it does not actually add or subtract real latency.

it is pretty strange that the measured value would not lead to precisely the right behaviour. which version of ardour?

I am using Ardour 3.5.403. Is there not as issue with bus automatic delay compensation? I thought that might be part of the issue. Is there any way to manually adjust delay?

I also noticed in my latest project that changing latency does not have any effect. In previous ones it worked fine. I’m using the latest ardour package compiled from source.

I meant “changing latency of a track does not have any effect”. Just to clarify…

there is no latency compensation for busses. this is a long standing limitation of ardour’s latency handling.

Ok, so that is the reason for my issue?

Almost certainly, yes.

How can i manually adjust the latency then?

There is no latency correction/compensation AT ALL for busses. If you introduce latency on a bus, it will never be corrected for.

There have been a couple of efforts made at implementating latency correction/compensation for busses over the last few years. One of them will show up in a future version of Ardour, but not until at least the middle of next year at the earliest.

In case this seems fundamentally impossible to use, I would remind you that ProTools was used to record, mix and edit a huge number of recordings before they even added latency compensation of any kind whatsoever :slight_smile:

Is it possible to work-around the missing latency-compensation of busses by using a track instead and switch it to “In” instead of “disk”?

Or am I getting something wrong?

Excellent question by dbra, which I was asking myself: Would abusing an audio track as a bus be a possible workaround for the missing PDC on busses?

It can’t help. Currently all PDC is done by delaying the playback of material from disk. That is why it cannot be implemented (this way) in a bus. PDC done this way ONLY works on disk material, not live.

Longer term, we need interpolating delay lines, 1 per bus or track. There have been two attempts to code this so far, neither made it to completion. Because of Ardour’s free-form routing, it is a lot more complex than you might expect given that we can do it for tracks already.