How to activate the x42 instrument tuner

This is probably a silly user mistake but can someone tell me how I can activate the x42 instrument tuner? I found it in the plugin manager and inserted it into the proper mixer strip for my bass guitar (pre fader). I can see the meter of the mixer strip bounce around as I play the bass, but when I double click the plugin instance to open the gui, it appears but without any signs of life. Is there something I’m overlooking I need to do to activate it? At the bottom it says “-- no signal --”.


The only explanation I have is that you may have bypassed the plugin after adding it.

That is odd. It should just work. What is the signal-level in the meter? Are you monitoring input on the track where you’ve added the plugin to?

Can you make a screenshot of the mixer where the plugin is on? Compare to

Thanks Robin, yeah I was not monitoring input. Problem solved!

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