How to activate Piano roll functionality?

I used Logic Pro Mac OS. In two hours you’ ve got a basic song with a lot of software instruments. Put the notes in for each track via a piano roll and so on…

Since days I am just looking for the piano roll function. Nothing in the manuals, exept “This manual will not contain the midi stuff”.
It must be easy!

So, what do I have to do after creating a midi bus with a Synth or Drum etc.
Thanks for your help.
Ardour 6.5 Linux/Debian AMD64

  1. Make a new MIDI Track (as opposed to Bus) [The Ardour Manual]

  2. Press “D”, with the mouse draw a new region in the newly created MIDI track (a couple of bars, you can always modify it afterwards) [The Ardour Manual]

  3. Click inside the newly created region to “draw” a note [The Ardour Manual]

Have fun!

Hi Piergi,

thanks. I got it. Now it’s simple.
Next step-> I will find out how good the available drums are.
Regards Hermann

The following recent thread on this forum may be helpful:

Also right-click on the MIDI track header (see screenshot), and pick Note Mode → Percussive

I don’t know where you saw in the manual that MIDI stuff wouldn’t be documented. Here it is : The Ardour Manual

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