How to A/B plugins in a mixer strip?

I don’t know if this is no longer an issue but…

Simple example scenario: two different EQ plugins with different settings that I want to compare, e.g. switch one OFF while switching the other one ON and viceversa.
More typical scenario: EQ plugin 1 has gain compensation control but EQ plugin 2 does not, so I add Amplifier plugin only to be used with EQ2. So I turn EQ1 ON, EQ2 OFF and Amp OFF, select the three, and when I A/B them, EQ1 goes OFF while EQ2 and Amp go ON. A/B them again and EQ1 goes ON, EQ2+Amp go OFF, and so on
Not possible?

I’ve tried:
Strip context menu > A/B plugins
Setting and using shortcuts for “Toggle selected plugins” and “Toggle selected processors”
But neither of them do what I want. (actually it’s not clear to me what these options are supposed to do)

I know there’s A/B switch and crossfader plugins for this, I know I can use buses and exclusive solo, but I was just wondering if there’s a simple way to do this within the mixer strip

Not really, not without using a sub-plugin host plugin (Bluecat Patchworks, I think I remember Carla can be used like this, etc.) and hosting the plugin chain in that ‘plugin-host plugin’

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