How should I set up a multiband splitter plugin in Ardour?

theoretical question:

  • how would I set up a multiband splitter in Ardour?
    //multiband splitter has one input and splits the output into 3 filter bands (w/ separate outputs for each band) to send each band off to different processing…
    -I’m wondering how others might have done this.
    //send one track to 3 aux busses w/ each bus containing a mutiband splitter which sends one band to an effect? seems like a waste of CPU
    thanks in advance

It depends on your needs but in general, as starting point, one bus with the splitter and one bus for each band…

so how would you pick off each of the 3 bands of the splitter plugin to send to other busses? create 3 instances of the plug in one bus?

Pin Connections, right click on the splitter and dig into pin connections for all sorts of fun.

Another option by the way, do three tracks that share a playlist (So they have same audio and edits) and put a crossover or splitter on each track followed by the processing. Then bus them all down to a single bus. I prefer to work this way personally, but there are multiple ways to do it.

Heck if you really dug into pin connections you could probably do all this on a single track. You could also use something like Carla-Plugin to host multiple plugins and manage the routing there and treat it as a single plugin. All depends on your needs.

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I tried messing with the pin connections but b/c the plugs are in series you can’t split off each leg of a multiband splitter to different places i.e. run the outputs in parallel to different plugins or aux busses.
I’ll try using a mono track sent to three busses with each one containing a multiband splitter and routing each band/buss to a FX plug
will also check out the Carla-plugin - hadn’t played with that yet even tho I use the Carla host for everything

Here a video tutorial for Lsp-crossover: lsp-crossover

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very helpful and thanks!!! :slight_smile:

No, what you do is you define extra outputs out of the crossover, then go to each pin connection in subsequent plug ins and reroute them either into the plugin, or bypassing the plugin as appropriate(By drawing straight from an input to an output), and put a mixer plugin at the end of the chain to mix them all back together into the desired output[s]. This is definitely possible as I just tested it for the record.

All that being said, as I mentioned above that you are testing, Carla Plugin is probably the much simpler way to address this.