How record in mono? Alsa seems to return stereo

How do i do that, for recording mono, like a guitar.
Or if i only can do it in stereo, how can turn the active channel to a mono recording?

Im working in Linux ( Mx-lInux )

Thank you

Dunno about an Ardour-only solution, but assuming that you have sox installed on your Linux machine, you can convert a stereo file to mono via: sox stereo.wav mono.wav channels 1.

Within Ardour, I just tried this, and it worked:

  • In the “Export” window, select the output format closest to the one you want. E.g., I selected “BWAV 32float export”.
  • Next to that drop down, click the “New” button, and add ‘(mono)’ to the name.
  • At the bottom of the “edit format” window, add the following to the “Post export” field:
    sox %f %d/%b-mono.wav channels 1
  • Click the “Save” button, and then “Export” on the main dialog.

The audio setup window lets you connect either or both system audio sources to channel inputs.
If you are recording a single channel source, select one channel when you create the track, then in the audio setup window connect either left or right to the channel inputs depending on which channel you connected your guitar.

Thank you both for answers

I noticed that in the actual audio midi setup, i could only configure stereo inputs, but when i create a new audio track i can select mono, and it does the trick also for recording. A mono file is produced.

Mbr Patrik

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