How popular is OSC and howto use with Ardour?


i was wondering how well OSC is supported by Ardour?

  • Can anyone recommend any documentation?
  • Is it possible to control VST parameters via OSC?
  • Are there nice mapping tools for that?

I thought it would be handy to map MIDI messages to OSC and OSC to VST parameters. Because mapping MIDI messages to VST parameters individually is quite tedious.

Any opinions or hints about that?

Ardour is probably the program with the most excessive OSC remote controls available :slight_smile: Check: The Ardour Manual

Yes, and not just VST, LV2 and Audio Unit or any processor parameter.
However addressing parameters is not trivial, they are addressed numerically. e.g.

oscsend localhost 3819 /strip/plugin/parameter iiif 1 2 1 0.5
# <track-id> <plugin-on-track> <parameter-num> <value>
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Thanks for the quick answer.

Ok, cool. I didn’t know that.

Although the numerical parameters sounds really a little tricky.

One more question. Is there a way to explore the api? Because i.e.

oscsend osc.udp:// /strip/list

This is from log

2021-10-05T21:48:28 [INFO]: OSC: /strip/list

doesn’t return anything useful.

oscsend is just a simple instrumentation tool, you could combine it with with oscdump (and configure a dedicated, separate reply port).

It is probably easier to just write a small python script. For inspiration have a look at While that is from 2014, Ardour 3 and Ardour’s OSC API has since changed, it should be trivial to update and port it to python3.

Another option might be GitHub - jean-emmanuel/open-stage-control: Libre and modular OSC / MIDI controller

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+1 to open stage control. it’s very cool you can create a custom panel to control the ardour session

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I like the idea, although it’s sounds a little annoying to resolve all the enumerations, right?

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