How pathetic is

If you were going to buy bridal accessories, why would you use a company as pathetic as bjbead,com, who try to use “search engine optimization” tactics like spamming the forums of a website like this? If you believe that ignorance and stupidity and shameful public behaviour should be rewarded, then use them. Otherwise, are not for you.

You know, Paul, I’m starting to think you get way too much enjoyment out of this.

@beejunk: well, that’s true. but there is a point to it. i think that google is too smart to bother to index the entries in the hall of shame - it just looks like a random list of URLs. so the whole idea works much better when we end up having an actual forum post that slams the SEO spamming company, and google will index that.

If only there was a way to hack DNS (globally) for these people and send traffic to their websites to somewhere far more entertaining. Rickrolling perhaps?