How much memory do I need to make it good and have you any tips?

My name is Steve McDine and I want to build a digital audio workstation using this software.
I’m running a Dell optiplex790 computer with Ubutu 12.04 and the latest Ardour software. The processor is an Intel Core i3 and there is 3.8 gig of ram installed. I have a 1Gb sata hard drive installed. What should I install to get the best set up?

       I would like to know what sound cards to use to get the best from this equipment?.....and anything else that you would recommend. I will be using this equipment with inputs from an electric bass and guitars and hopefully some midi keyboards in the future.

What do you recommend?



I’m looking for “Dream Studio” and AVLinux then…didn’t know there was such a thing as AVLinux

Thank you


I’m running an 8 channel system with 2GB memory, no problems.
Seablade is right about choice of distro, though. Ubuntu is widely considered to have lost its way, especially for audio.
PS it’s “Dream Studio” if you want to look for it.
I’m using AVLinux and very happy with it.

What is your budget?


PS: You should be able to work with that amount of memory, more won’t hurt obviously but that amount should be fine to get you started. Now your choice of distro could be something else:) If you are just getting started with Linux and want to dive into audio I would suggest Dream Linux or AVLinux, or an audio focused distro instead of Ubuntu.