How heavy is a BUS?

Hi again people,

I’m planning on building a rather extremely complicated template which could need a great amount of buses with inserts and sends and stuff in order to provide several monitor outputs with submixing facilities … my question is … How CPU heavy is a BUS? uuuh, anybody tried to get working something with lots of buses? (perhaps a hundred or so?)

… in fact that raises another question (recursive thinkin’ … bad stuff for 1AM) … which should be practica limits in ardour? I use RME cards, kolivas kernels, deeply tuned and updated Gentoo but I’d really love to know in “dimension” which could be the limits … N tracks, M buses, P plugins etc… for a reference sistem.

Also how many editing groups, mixing groups can be defined?

A muted BUS consumes CPU?


I think that you will run out of ports on jack side.

You can always add more ports to jack with the --port-max parameter.