how does one make a sponsored issue/feature payment?

ahoy all,

sorry for the slightly off topic post in this forum, but i was not sure where else to put it.

i have sponsored a small issue/feature in the Mantis issue tracker that has been implemented in Ardour 3 (currently building Ardour 3 to test it out). however, i yet to figure out in Mantis one makes a sponsorship payment?

can anyone shed light on the process? i have read that we pay (i assume via PayPal) the developer directly, but the only info i have is the developer’s Mantis user name. my Mantis account is showing that i indeed owe a sponsorship payment, but unless i am just missing it, does not provide a way to actually make the payment.

thanks in advance.


@in0giro: make a normal paypal donation (to the right->>>), and include in the notes for the payment what it was for. then it helps if you can send me and/or the payee (probably carl at this point) email letting us know that it happened AND/OR post this info in the bug report, along with the paypal transaction ID. Thanks for following up on this. Alternatively, if the developer provides their own paypal account info, you can pay them directly, but still note it in the bug report with the transaction ID.