How does MIDI work?

Hey! I’m still a bit confused by the MIDI functionality. Can someone point me to the relevant docs or help clarify?

  1. I have imported a MIDI file. When I patch this to my Roland Sound Canvas, it magically configures many different settings (pan, volume, chorus, reverb etc.). How do I for example view the pan configuration that’s being sent to a MIDI track? I can adjust the level but it seems to not touch the track level and perhaps adjusts the volume of each note?
  2. For a MIDI synth like the Roland Sound Canvas, what’s the correct way to handle changes to a patch? I see I can select the SC 88 Pro in the dropdown, but what’s the procedure for actually making a global track change to an sc 88 pro specific instrument?
  3. Are there two different ways of configuring? I.e. a global setting and also a track marker/event?


Ok so I found the following doc: does this mean the scene changes embedded in the MIDI are invisible and uneditable? The Ardour Manual - MIDI Scene Automation

Try this page instead:
Working with MIDI: Patch change

Thanks Chris! I see the option here to change the bank select (i.e. the instrument in the case of my roland sound canvas) but I’m not seeing any of the other elements like pan, volume, effects level, etc.

There are separate MIDI automation lanes for these. You can display them by clicking on the track’s A button. There you can find Bender (i.e. pitch), Pressure (aftertouch), Polyphonic Pressure (polyphonic aftertouch), as well as the full list of controllers to pick from.

I’m fairly sure your Roland’s MIDNAM file determines whether the controllers are named properly, but don’t quote me on that.

I was replying specifically to your post right above mine where you asked whether the “scene changes” were uneditable.
If you want more general information about working with MIDI then go up a couple of levels in the manual:
Ardour Manual: MIDI

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