How do you use plugins with Ardour

I recently got Ubuntu Studio, which comes with ardour and various plugins, but I’m not sure how to use any of them.
One of the plugins I have is blop, a synthetic oscillator. I can’t seem to use it in Ardour at all. Should I use it in JACK and for that matter how do I sequence MIDI steps to create a melody or bass line? Very confused, please help.

PS is there some sort of piano roll equivalent for Linux?

@TekknoGekko: Ardour2 is not a MIDI sequencer and does not support synthesis (sound generating) plugins. Ardour3 does these things but has not yet been released.


Will A3 have it’s own sound generating plugins on the MIDI tracks upon it’s release?
Also will it have the capability of inputting data thru a notation editor like RoseGarden?

Rony P.

@rpatros: no to both questions. we don’t ship builtin FX plugins and we won’t ship synths. There will be no notation editor until we merge with the Denemo project. That was a joke.

Ardournemo! Nice!

@rpatros: You can export MIDI file from RG and then import it to ardour, though.

you can also, obviously, import from Denemo or other notation editors or utilities that can produce MIDI.


I have done that but there is not sound output on the midi tracks…does the midi track need to be bound to any synth?

Rony P.

@rpatros; absolutely. MIDI tracks have no sound generating capabilties unless you (a) insert instrument plugins OR (b) connect them to other synths (software or hardware).

I test Ardour3 alpha for a few weeks now and its MIDI-tracks work very well for me.

Of course I would not recommend you to use it for real projects but it works OK to have a look upon what the release will have to offer.
If you want to test it you can download the standalone bundle for Linux using a recent link posted in the news. I use CALF-LV2-plugins as MIDI-instruments. You can add them the same as FX-plugins in Ardour2. The piano-roll is directly in the MIDI-tracks – once one gets used to it it feels quite nice to edit notes directly in the place they are played in the song.