How do you import clips at specific locations?

I’m new to Ardour … have used Wavelab in Windows to do a lot of radio work. I think Ardour is fantastic. There are a few things I cannot find in the manual and would like to understand:

  1. When I import clips it ALWAYS puts them at the beginning of the track – in fact I’ve now set up a muted track just for importing. Is it possible to import to right to the cursor location?

  2. When I import clips Ardour often imports 3 or 4 copies one on top of the other – is this a bug or is it some kind of operator error?

if you import to selected tracks they will be imported at the edit point. the edit point can be the playhead, the mouse or a selected marker. you can change the current edit point using the ` key, or via the combo in the editor window. obviously, having it set “mouse” when importing is going to cause issues - you will want playhead or marker.

if you import *as new tracks" they will likely go to the start of the track, unless they are BWF format and thus have a timestamp on them to specify where to put them.

point (2) sounds like operator error. i have not heard of it occuring before.

whenever you have issues with ardour you should always mention the version you are using. in general, there are at least a couple of changes every day to the program.

Thank you for the prompt post. I am unable to find the “combo in the edit window.” I am using Ardour 0.99.2 on Ubuntu Dapper. (Good suggestion to add this, mea culpa btw!) To add clips I am just putting my cursor in the track of interest, right clicking and chooseing “import” then choosing on the submenu “insert external sndfile.” Perhaps there is some other way I should be doing this.

the thing about “edit point” and such does not apply to version 0.99.2 at all. I suggest you dist-upgrade to Heron (out now!) and get ardour 2.3 with that. Huge improvements from the 0.99 version. other ubuntu software has come a long way as well, so if you have the bandwidth to download several 100MB, do it (and curse me if it breaks things).

That said, even in ardour 0.99 there is an option of importing “as new region” or into a track, if I remember correctly.

Seb - I think you comment is dead on. I have just begun using Ardour and didn’t realize how behind my version was. (Pretty impressive for a lower than 1.0 version, though!) For those interested in keeping up with the latest Ardour there are what appear (I haven’t used them yet) to be good instructions for building from source. See
(I how post how well they work on Dapper later this summer.)

hammack, just so you’re clear: 0.99 is about 2-1/2 years old at this point. the list of changes since it was released would fill about 6 pages of US Letter paper, maybe more. Its not just old, its so ancient that I don’t even remember anything about it :slight_smile: