How do you have the wet record

When reading the features for ardour 6 I saw a feature that allows to record wet and able to choose where in the plugin window I can have the recording but I have no idea how to get to it when using ardour

Right Click in the Processor Box (Plugins, etc.) for a track. Select Disk IO > Custom

You now have a recorder and player you can drag to be in front of or behind your plugins to affect where the recording and playback of the signal happens.


So just to refresh my memory, this feature will allow me to record with fx on my plugin chain. What’s the difference with just recording with plugins on my plugin chain or using this wet recording feature

Wet Recording is when you print the plugins and effects to disk while recording the track. You will not be able to change or remove the effects of those processors.

This is as opposed to the standard, ‘dry’ recording where you record just the raw audio to disk, but might still process it for monitoring purposes with those plugins, but because they aren’t recorded to disk they can still be changed, modified, or removed later if desired.


Thanks for this, I’ll check it out when I can.

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