How do i use the LADSPA Vocoder Plugin with Ardour?

I downloaded and installed the Vocoder-Plugin from over here:

The Plugin shows up in my Plugin-List.

It has two Inputs - if i understand the functionality right

  • one Input for the Voice (my Vocal-Track)
  • one Input for the Carrier-Signal (for example my Synth-Track)

But how do i connect that? Did anybody succeed on using the Vocoder in Ardour?

Any tips welcome - i’ll try out any ohter vocoder you suggest too :]

I’ve used this before, and although I can’t remember which input is which, all you have to do is create a stereo bus, add the vocoder to its pre-fader plugin section, and hook the inputs up. For instance, send the output from your guitar track into the carrier and your vocal track into the modulator. These would be input 1 and input 2 respectively on your vocoder bus. If you wish to mute the original vocals and guitar, just make sure they’re not still sending output to the master strip. Of course, like I said, I’m not sure which input is which, so you may have to swap what I’ve said above, you’ll see.

Alternately you could use sends or inserts from the original tracks to do the same thing, for more flexibility.

Did you get any joy with the LADSPA vocoder? I did try it out, hoping to make my own “Autobahn” remake, but i didn’t get any vocoder-sounds: the input 2 goes straight through and the input1 is more or less inconsequential. Am I doing it wrong?

I also did not have any luck using a vocoder.

did you try switching the inputs?

Tried - nothing happens. I just have one signal in one channel and another gets muted.

I managed to use a vocoder through Jack Rack. I do not think it is possible through Ardour. In Jack Rack vocoder adds two extra inputs - and this does not seem to manifest itself in Ardour.

Hi, I managed to make the LV2vocoder work with Ardour 2.8.

You can hear the result on my blog:
(post of the 26th of April 2010).

The song is also hosted here:

name of the song: “Le Numéro”.

So you need to create a Stereo Bus for this plugin. I confirm the first input is to be used for the voice and the second for the carrier.

The important points that I noticed are the following:
-plug only the first output of the vocoder bus to the master inputs
-it is necessary to put some amplification on the voice track
-the synthetizer sound must be well chosen (take something as a Saw)

I hope this will help you.