How do i use pre- and postroll function?

Hi, first i have to say that i´m absolutely new with ardour.
Maybe somebody can explain me, how i can use the pre and postroll funstion (OSX) and set punch in and puch out points/marks - i couldn´t find anything about that in the manual. Thanks a lot.

Just above your first track their is a markers area. One of them is labelled loop/punch. Select with the mouse where you want it to punch in and drag it to where you want it to punch out. Let go of the button and it will pop up a box asking if they are loop or punch marks. Select punch. Fine tune the range with the red markers. Select punch in and punch out on your toolbar. Hit record and play, after rec enabling the tracks you want to punch in on. You can create a preroll by clicking back a few bars from the punch in place and hitting play and record.

This should also be in the manual