How do I use patch change dialog?

I am currently running a new install of 5.12 and am interested in working with my oldschool Roland SC-88. I see an included .midnam for the SC-88 Pro so figure it should be simple enough to reverse engineer it and create a .midnam for my SC-88. The following screenshot shows that Ardour is using my new .midnap which only contains a very small bit of modification. We know this because the screenshot shows “SC-88” listed on the track which reflects the updated value in the xml’s Model container. OK great…

Direct links to each screenshot are provided below since this forum will probably render them to small to be useful

The screenshot also shows the “Patch Selector” dialog which shows (silly) patch names such as “Pgn-1”, “Pgn-2” and so on. Shouldn’t it say Piano 1 and Piano 2? Here’s another screenshot showing the area of my .midnum which should produce that result (on the left) as well as the layout of the SC-88 as defined by its manual (on the right).

Also, another issue I’m having with the “Patch Selector” dialog is not being able to select anything other than “SFX” from the “Bank” pulldown. The first option is “Piano” but it just goes right back to “SFX” after I select anything from the dropdown menu. Sooooooooo… I really have no idea what this Patch Selector is meant for if I can’t see the names of my patches listed when I’m selecting something. Perhaps the SC88 Pro midnap file itself is just wrong or broken in some way? I have no other hardware so I can’t test other .midnap files in order to understand what should be happening.

If I could get this sorted out, I’d be more than happy to contribute the .midnap I’m working on via a PR. There’s gotta be 1 or 2 other dolts out there that are still using this thing :slight_smile: