How do I use netjack???

Thanks to your help, I completed installing Ardour…
But now I have no way to use netjack!!!
How do I use netjack?
Please help me…
And where can I find netjack-0.8 or 0.9?
Thanks very much!!!
Have a good day!!!

netjack is actually quite simple to use. Most of the stuff is built into jack already, but you’ll need a few extras. The driver is packaged for many distros (including the one I use, suse). The package is called something like jack-netjack. Now, on your “slave” machine (the one where you are using netjack as the server backend i.e you have no soundcard), you need to install this package and run jackd with the netjack backend, i.e jackd -d netjack … etc.
On your other machine you need a copy of the netjack_client program, which you can get from if memory serves. You just run this and point it at the ip of the slave machine. Now, all the channels you specified in the first config pop up in your jack routing menu on the second!

Good luck