How do I use Jamin as an insert?

I’m obviously not understanding something about the way inserts work. The way I’m using Jamin at the moment is to patch Ardour’s master outs into Jamin’s inputs instead of the system outputs. Obviously this works until I try to mix down to a WAV file, becase Jamin isn’t in the correct signal path. I’ve tried adding a post-fader insert on the Master bus and messed around with various combinations of patching this-to-that, but I either get no input into Jamin or no sound output. What do I need to do to get this to work?

  • redirect ardour’s master bus output ports to your system ports (out 1+2) as you would do without jamin (default ardour conf)
  • fire up jamin
  • disconnect jamin’s output ports from your system ports
  • declare an insert in the post fader area of ardour’s master bus
  • edit the insert (double-click) : make connections to jamin’s ins and jamin’s outs (the jamin’s ins should be plugged to the insert’s outs and jamin’s outs to the insert’s in)
  • activate it (right click on the insert’s name and select Activate)

Now you have succeeded in deviating the audio signal path through a detour that goes through jamin and comes back to ardour. And now you can save your WAV with jamin’s processing included.
As I said to someone else here, an insert will act like a normal plugin but it’s just not a purely ardour’s internal path, it’s a deviation to something outside.

You can even have hardware inserts :
I have a physical output port from the multiface II that goes into a hardware effect box’s input. The box’s output comes back to a physical input of the multiface II. I can then declare some ardour inserts that will connect to these physical ports instead of software ports. You get interesting effect … but in my setup, I am limited because I can only feed this box with a mono source. That sucks a bit but at the same time, I am a bit limited in the number of physical IOs because I own only one multiface. I would probably need a real mixing table but I don’t have any more money to invest …

Thanks thorgal, it makes sense now. What was confusing me is the ‘Out’ and ‘In’ nomenclature of the insert. Now I see they behave like what I would call ‘Send’ and ‘Return’, but of course Out and In is more in keeping with he rest of Ardour. Your post has made it all clear :slight_smile:

exactly :slight_smile:
insert outs = send
insert ins = return

I should have said that from the start to avoid a long blabla … :lol: