How do I use automation on panning with Drumgizmo (without bypass)

I use Drumgizmo and CrocellKit on Ardour 6.9.
I was about to try an automation on drumgizmo panning (without bypassing : on the target of panning, instead of left/right , i’ve got a target cirecle and a cursor that I can move along).
When I showed up automation on panning on drumgizmo traack, it show me 2 possible automations (Azimuth and Width, I was interested into Azimuth automation :wink: ).
But when I “touched” theses automations, the drumgizmo sound stopped…When I cleared the automations, the drumgizmo sound came back.
Any idea?


The way to do this is to fan-out the individual outputs to mono and stereo busses, and then pan those. This also allows to add dedicated plugins to each drum mic.

So you create, e.g. 8 busses (mono or stereo as appropriate), then disconnect the drumgizmo output from the master-bus, and re-connect the output to the busses instead.

Here is an example for the AVLdrums:

PS. Ardour can directly fan-out synths with multiple outputs, to mono and stereo tracks or busses. However this does not work for drumgizmo since the channel-count and assignment changes depending on the kit.

Thank you Robin.
Not sure I’ll try this way , I wanted to try something simplier :sweat_smile:
In the screenshot you made, the state of drumgizmo panning is bypassed :wink: (you don’t have any cursor on the target)

Well, that is a feature of drumgizmo. You have to mix it like a real drum recording. It is never simple, but powerful.

The VBAP panner is useless and not appropriate here, so you need to bypass it.

For drum panning you likely want to move the Hi-Hat to the right, floor-tom to the left, overheads to L/R etc. When you automate panning, you likely also want to exclude the kick and leave it in the center…

Vector based panning cannot do that (besides, as you already found, VBAP panners cannot be automated).

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That’s clear to me now. Thank you again Robin :slight_smile:

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