How do I turn off midi monitoring

I have audio monitoring turned off (set to hardware). How do I do the same for MIDI?

Currently it plays MIDI through Ardour when I’m recording (I wanted it to play MIDI during playback, but not during recording).

Ardour 4.2.194 (64-bit), Nightly build, Windows 7.

Click on the MIDI din plug icon in the mixer strip for any MIDI track. This will turn off MIDI input for that track. MIDI is different from audio and so the process for handling things isn’t 100% identical.

Thanks for your reply. I’m wanting three things:

  1. MIDI recording works
  2. MIDI does not playback during recording (no internal monitoring in Ardour)
  3. MIDI plays back after the recording

Your instructions (if I followed them correctly), give me 2 and 3, but not 1. Is it possible to turn of MIDI monitoring so that it behaves the same way as turning off audio monitoring in Ardour?

Does muting the track temporarily while recording and unmuting after do what you want?

Thank you Matthew. That is what I ended up doing.

On my system the delay for MIDI monitoring through Ardour is too big, so it is better to use the external monitoring directly from the keyboard.

I’m currently using Ardour 5.12. Do any of the later version of Ardour add this feature?

Yes, Cue monitoring was one of the big new features of Ardour 6.0.

Thank you Robin. I upgraded. I see if I’m in Rec mode (top right) and choose Disk on the track it turns off monitoring of the MIDI instrument input.

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