How do I syncronize Hydrogen and Ardour to play back at the same time?

Evening ladies and gents:)

A few weeks back i posted a little topic questioning a switch from cubase to ardour.

Seven Linux distributions later, and i think i have found a home in Fedora 6 with the Molnar patch. It is oh so slippery…like a greased monkey on speed:)

Now what i would like to do is program all of my drums in Hydrogen, and keep playing with it until i am happy. But, at the same time record all of my other tracks in Ardour.

So that when i play back in Ardour, Hydrogen automatically plays back.

This will allow me to fiddle with the dynamics, mix and layout of my drum track until i am ready to lay it down in Ardour.

I’m sure there is a simple work out for this, but i haven’t spotted it yet.

Thanks folks!


Enable Jack sync in ardour and in hydrogen.

One thing to keep in mind:

If you have tempo changes throughout the track in Ardour, Hydrogen will not stay in sync. But as long as you have a single tempo, and set both Ardour and Hydrogen to that tempo, they will work together fine.

Further to Tim’s comments,

You can do it in reverse, if Hydrogen is the time master it can work. Ardour won’t pick up on tempo changes from Hydrogen but doesn’t need to as it isn’t using the MIDI tempo to record but jack periods (I dont’ know if my terminology here is correct but basically it is similar to syncing to a video frame.) The result will be ardours tempo markers e.t.c… might be out of place but the recording will be fine.

I presently do this with MusE.