How do I slow Gain Envelope Control Points for detailed positioning? [GIF]

Going all the way back to Ardour 2 (2.8.16), I was able to fine-tune the position of Gain Envelope Control Points with ease by clicking, dragging, and holding the option/alt key on my Mac (OS X 10.6.8):

Option Key Slows Gain Envelope Point Movement (Ardour 2,8,16)(Mac OS X)

Is this behavior still available in later versions of Ardour via a different setting or key command? (I am using Ardour 6.9.0, currently.)

I really can’t overstate the convenience of such a “little” feature like that. :+1:


I seem to be able to do it with Ctrl+Alt+Drag on Linux. It doesn’t work on the x-axis though.

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Hey, you kind of inadvertently solved it for me. :grin:

You inspired me to try some more random key combinations.
(I mean, I thought I tried all the most likely ones before, but I guess not…)

For me, Control+Command+Drag worked!
So, anyone using a Mac can try that. :point_up:

Well, for me it does.

Another one I just found is Shift+Command+Drag, which locks the dB value in place, and only allows sliding the control point forward or backward in time (-left and right). I wonder how many little tricks like this are not accounted for in the manual, or pretty much anywhere? haha

-Anyway, thanks!

Check Preferences > Editor > Modifiers

Adour 2.x did not support various operations, notably constrained drags were added, so keyboard modifiers changed (but you can still configure them in case yous muscle memory does not adapt to new defaults).

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Man, I’m so dumb. :man_facepalming:
I literally just assumed this was too esoteric to be a part of the preferences.
-Couldn’t have been more wrong:



Dumb? no. It is smart to post a screenshot for future reference, in case someone comes across this issue in the future, and a web-search directs them here.

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Ha, that is exactly why I ask so many questions on here. :grin: :+1:
(This forum is like a second manual.)

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