How do I setup customatically a control surface profile

I have an all-in-one mixer/soundcard/control surface (Event Ezbus for those who know it), but it’s not compatible with Mackie, Behringer and others. Is there a way to learn to Ardour to use it ? I’ve got plenty of knobs and faders, I’d like to use them.

I believe you should be able to use it for this. You need make sure you enable the generic midi control in appropriate menu. Then if you hold [Ctrl] and click the middle mouse button on the slider/fader/etc that you want to control it will give you a message to operate the controller you want. Then you just need to then touch the desired physical knob/fader on your Exbus that you wish to assign. You will probably need to do this for every knob/slider you want to use.


Thank you all ! Now I’ve just got to find my middle button. :slight_smile: