HOW DO I ... Select Inputs for Tracks ???

Okay …

Been trying to learn the basics of this DAW .

My Audio-Interface is a Phonic Firefly 808 Universal .

I’ve tried it in both Firewire / USB - modes .

On launching Ardour it asks for
the recording mode (recording on one track or two tracks at the same time), but how do I set it up so that I can record eight (or more) tracks at once ?

In the mixer window it only shows inputs 1 / 2 .

furthermore … I have click track on, but I can’t hear the click sound .

Jack Control starts though and stays active … and can be disconnected, reconnected, etc .

please, sort this out .

  • zergei W -

and if the synth itself has a channel select button, you don’t even have to do the channel select step in ardour itself.

What happens when you add more tracks?
The new tracks should get assigned inputs 3,4,5 etc. in sequence as you add them.
(you can edit the assignment of inputs to tracks too, but the above should get you started)

@TPS0852: how many inputs are shown by JACK (e.g. the output of jack_lsp, or in the connection dialog of qjackctl) for your audio device?

hi …, anahata

as I add more tracks they only get inputs 1,2, 1,2 and so on .
How do I edit the input assignments of a track ?

  • zergei W -

Okay …

had to assign the connections in qjackctl … that sorted it out (:
have now separate inputs for all the tracks .

on to the next problem …

I want to record 4 tracks of MIDI from my Roland TMC-6 on separate tracks in Ardour .
So that each kit-piece is recorded on its’ own channel .
eg. kick on channel 1 goes to its’ own track, snare channel 2 to its’ own track and toms, so on …

how do I set up the MIDI-connections ?

  • zergei W -

It would help if (a) you would answer simple questions that we ask you (b) you consider using IRC (online chat) ( where we could answer your questions and solve your problems in real time rather than over a stupid time-delayed web forum (c) read the manual a bit ...

I'm on IRC as "las". Come and say hello, because something is odd about your setup if you had to do anything "by hand".

an easier way to assing channel routing is by clicking on the channel input on the mixer strip at the top. you will notice that there will be a number in the box at the top of the channel, click that and it will bring up ardours patch bay. you should be able to figure it out from there once you get used to how to navigate it.

as for recording midi for seperate instruments via the roland, thats going to be tricky since all channels are coming through 1 input and you would have to record the same midi messages to all channels then filter out the unwanted channels?

best bet is to get chatting on the ardour IRC.

The ardour forums are not the best place to get in depth help.


what do you mean all channels are coming through 1 input (is this a “BUG” / a limitation of Ardour) ?
I mean … setting up The Roland, I have “programmed” it so, that each kit piece is sending its’ MIDI data on independent channels .
e.g. Kick = channel 1/16, Snare 2/16, Toms 3/16 and 4/16 .

  • zergei W -

It isn’t a bug, it is a design feature.

Setup the number of MIDI-tracks you like and connect their inputs to the physical MIDI-port. Then setup the MIDI-filter of each track to match the corresponding part. MIDI-filters can be accessed by enlarging the track and click the appearing buttons.