How do I select inputs for a track using an M-track

I recently switched over to Ubuntu from Mac and I’m trying to do some simple recording with Ardour, using an M-Audio M-Track. My problem is I’m unable to get any sound through it. I would like to be able to run two tracks at a time, and assign a different input (M-track is only two-channel,) to each track. The M-track is showing up in Jack control, btw;

i found this page

Unfortunatly its in french.

It looks like it doesnt work in certain versions of linux without doing whatever is on that page. But its reported to work out the box in av linux 6.02 and ubuntu 13.10

cravends: in a typical default session configuration, you’ve got tracks with 1input and 2 outputs or 2 inputs and 2 outputs. The 2 outputs are connected to the master bus, which has 2 inputs and 2 outputs, and the 2 outputs are connected to the first two outputs of your audio interface. (You can change all of the above, but this is the default). There’s normally no reason to change this in any way, but if you really want each track to output from a different channel on the audio interface, then you would have to modify it.

However, it sounds as if the problem may be more basic than that and have more to do with (a) whether you told JACK to use the device (b) whether it actually works.