How Do I ... Say The Name?

Paul, this’ll probably be the dumbest question you get all week, but it’s necessary that I know as I talk up Ardour to schools, other audio engineers and young podcasters.

Is the name pronounced:
ARR-dore (sounds like “door”)
ARR-der, or
Arr-DOW-er (rhymes with “tower”)

I’m hearing it three different ways from people who swear that their way is the correct way. So, just like they asked Bob Moog how his name was pronounced, or how Linus Torvolds says “Linux”, how do you prefer the title ARDOUR should be formally pronounced?

Alan Peterson
— Broadcast Audio Engineer & Professor of Audio Technology, based in Washington DC

By the way, where do you teach at? Just curious as I am a little down the road from you in Richmond.


Thx for the link. Hard to believe a full six years went by before someone else asked that question again.

Richmond is about 90 miles south of DC … “A little down the road” is kinda optimistic, ainnit? ;^D

To answer your question: former instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (Arlington VA), former instructor for Fairfax Public Access radio & TV (Fairfax VA) and current Adjunct Professor of Audio Technology at Montgomery College (Rockville MD). Also Production Director for the Radio America Network in Arlington VA (CentOS-based house, running Rivendell radio automation) and always entertaining new options and opportunities.


Considering I used to commute about 90 minutes into work each day, I suppose it is subjective:)

Hmm I knew a couple of people that went through the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, but for the life of me I can’t remember who exactly now. Ah well, as just curious thanks.


PS I have been mispronouncing Ardour for years for the record :slight_smile: