How do I rewire Reason 4 seperate tracks into Ardour ?

How do I rewire Reason 4 seperate tracks into Ardour ?

Hi Sanjay,

can you export each track individually? Maybe Reason can even export all at the same time and create a .wav file for each track.
Then you could simply put every .wav file into an Ardour track.

Or does reason save BWF files?


he wants to use JACK to connect them together.

Ah, now I see, Paul!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for that (if there is any at all), so I’m out of this.


This is Epic Failure, lol. What do people use ardour for anyways ? paul I think you are missing a chunk of potential donors here. (Yeah the last line sounded freaky, lol)


Well it might help if you for instance stated if you are on OS X or Linux or some other platform? On OS X people are using Jack to route audio into Mixbus and Ardour froma ll sorts of programs. If you are on Linux… well you could try ASIOJack or whatever they call it, since I assume then you would be running Reason via Wine but no promises on that setup.


Im on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4, is there a way ?

Most likely yes, you would set Reason to use JackServer for its audio output.


JackRouter, not JackServer … just to be precise.

I’ve done this. I’m not at my usual computer right now, but it goes something like this:

  • open JackRouter (edit: jackpilot), and before starting, set the desired number of virtual ins/outs. This is the number of separate tracks you’ll be able to connect.
  • start Reason and Ardour as usual
  • in Reason, set the output to JACK from the preferences
  • use the main mixer in Reason to separate your outputs
  • from JACK you can stick 'em anywhere you like!

I’m still hoping to figure out how to time-sync the two, however… This setup would allow you to record Reason’s output directly into Ardour.

just for the record, the application that gets opened/started is called JackPilot. it provides control over both the JACK server and the JACK router component that gets seen by non-JACK applications (like Reason) as an optional audio device to use for input and/or output.

I understand this is old, however, is there a way to time-sync? Mostly get Ardour to play the Reason tracks?

@cfraschetti: ardour 3.x can sync to MIDI Time Code (MTC) and Linear Time Code (LTC). It sync faster and more accurately than any other DAW we know of. Of course, if Reason support JACK, then the two could share sample-accurate time sync. But Reason does not.