How do I revert to Ardour 7.2?

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to update Ardour to 7.3 on my studio’s computer as I felt a bit silly running an out of date version for a while now. My issue issue that updating to 7.3 has broken all my projects that used IEM plugins for ambisonics (I will post a bug report later today about it).
The problem is I need that to work again asap as I have clients expecting binaural mixes soon. So the simplest solution would be to re-install Ardour 7.2 again until I can resolve my issue in 7.3.

Is there any way I can do so?

EDIT: I found an old installer for Ardour 7.2 I had left in my downloads and ran it. it revert cleanly as far as I can tell. And it resolved the issue. This confirms the bug so I will report it on the BT

Are those VST3 plugins?

Yes they are! I wish they were LV2

Starting Ardour 7.3 there is support for VST 3 multi-bus support. Although generally speaking this should be fine, old sessions should load as-is. Without further details it’s hard to say if that relates to the issue you’re having.

It looks like there are VST2 and LV2 versions available for Releases · IEM Audioplugins / IEMPluginSuite · GitLab which might sidestep whatever issue you are having. I’ll wait for the bug report.

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For future reference the IEM VST3 issue continued: 0009282: Updating to 7.3 breaks tracks and busses using IEM plugins - MantisBT

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