How do I resample a whole session ?


a stupid question : I changed the sample rate of my HDSP multiface (from 48000 to 96000), but the drawback is that my 48k recorded stuff sounds funny (twice faster). Is there a simple way to resample a session without exporting, resampling and importing back each track ?

Sorry if this is already addressed somewhere else in this forum.


see the Perl script “” in the tools directory. there is no way to do this inside Ardour, you have to run it from a command line. it also requires setting some Perl environment variables that i don’t recall; hopefully either its author will respond too or it will get cleaned up.

thanks Paul, will try.

I’ve just done it. No big deal :slight_smile: The only things I had to do were :

1- copy the tools/ARDOUR directory from ardour source to /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 (I am using ardour from ubuntu, not my own compiled version)
2- install libxml-perl (ubuntu package)
3- install samplerate-programs (ubuntu package)
4- edit : comment out the block regarding automation (I had no automation directory in my session)

et voilà :slight_smile:

Nice tip, thanks again.

Quite old post, but I want to repeat the OP’s question - is it possible to resample whole session? I’ve got session in 44.1 but need 48. How may I do it without making music faster tempo?
How to get this script, @paul has written about?

The script was written for Ardour v2. It has no relevance to Ardour v5. There is no way to resample an entire session at this time (other than manually resampling each audio file and editing the session file).