How do I reposition tracks

In other DAWs I can just drag and drop tracks into a new position both in the editor or mixer view. That doesn’t seem to be the case in Ardour. Also I’m used to duplicated tracks appearing directly below the original track (which is where I usually want a duplicated track) instead of at the bottom of all my tracks. Unless I know exactly what tracks I want ahead of time and add them in the correct order my tracks end up in random order which gets very confusing and I don’t know how to reposition them.

There are various ways to re-order tracks: You can drag/drop track using the track-lists: right side of the editor (if it’s not visible: Menu > View > Show Editor List), or the mixer-strip list on left-side in the mixer window.

There are also actions in the Track menu, but it is probably easier using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Up/Down arrow) in the editor.

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Pick “Insert duplicates at: After Selection” in the track duplication dialog. That should do the trick.

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Awesome thank you so much! This is been driving me crazy!

Do you know why it is not possible to simply drag the tracks like in other DAWs?

I think almost every Ardour newbie faces this issue and has to Google it. Would be nice to improve the UX.

There is a patch available in some work dones by Waves (the plugin makers) that someone could potentially trying to adapt to make it work acceptably for Ardour standards.

Basically, the answer is that it’s really quite complicated GUI programming to do this properly, and we’ve viewed it as low priority. We know that new users with experience with other DAWs don’t share our judgement.

Now that I know how to reposition tracks I don’t really care much about the drag and drop. What I like most about Ardour is that priority seems to be put on the important stuff first, it’s light weight and low latency.