How do I recover from a 3.0beta5 crash on Linux?

Here’s the scenario:

I was working with a mix of about (30) tracks and noticed that saves were taking significantly longer to complete.
So I highlighted and removed 2-3 tracks that I decided that I didn’t need at the time (finguring I could just re-import
them later). As soon as I clicked on “Remove” Ardour crashed.

Clicked on the Ardour icon to restart it…
Status pane shows that it gets to the “Setup Editor” phase… sits there for about 20-30 seconds…
and then disappears. Nothing else happens.

In contrast, if I choose a different project (with approximately the same amount of tracks and inserted plugins),
it takes about 5 seconds to get from “Setup Editor” to the painting of the Mixer and Main screens.

Is there anyway to force this project back to life? It would sure be nice to get back in there and at least export
some of the tracks that have been processed the way I like them.

Thanks, in advance.

beta5 is considered too old to be suitable for testing at this time. You were also asked specifically, both as the program started up AND in the forums here, NOT to discuss ardour3 on the forums while it is in beta state.