How do I record?

So I finally got my Presonus Firebox to work properly however I can’t record. I can hear both mics in my monitor headphones which are plugged into the Firebox which is connected to the computer via firewire. The clock starts ticking once I click record, the mixer vu meter goes up and down and I can hear the sound in my headphones however no sound is recorded. Any suggestions?

hi, there is one ‘general’ record button positioned where the other transport buttons (play, stop…) are (the big red one) which must be enabled and than there is a record-enable button on each channel, which must be enabled too (the small ‘red’ button on a channel). so you have to enable both.
if you already see the vu-meters moving, i suppose that the connections are ok!


Thanks for the input. I forgot to unclick the record button on playback so it was recording over the track I just recorded. Seems to be working fine now.