How do I record with MBOX audio 2?

(anderskitson) #1

I can’t for the darn of me figure out how to record a track. I am using a mbox audio 2 midi interface, I can hear myself through the microphone on the track, and I guess through master which seems to always have to be on. What is master for anyways? I have clicked the record button at the top, I have clicked the record button on the track, and I hit play but even though I can hear myself through the microphone nothing is recording. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks

(zenseidk) #2

Hi Anders,
I also have the Mbox2 audio interface, but I haven’t been able to get it working.
The driver doesn’t load properly in my case. I’m on US18.04 with kxstudio repos.
What does dmesg tell you when you insert the usb?

(anderskitson) #3

Um do you mean dmesg in terminal, it returns me a bunch of stuff that I can’t make heads or tails of, sorry I am not much help for this it just worked for me automatically in Ardour.

(Robin Gareus) #4

In short: Ardour does not directly interact with Audio Hardware. It always uses a OS provided driver.

In case of Linux, thanks to @zamaudio, recent kernels do have built-in support for the MBox 2 – see for details. For Windows there are ASIO drivers. What OS do you use?

Do the signal-meters in Ardour’s mixer move? If not: Maybe you’re hearing yourself via direct hardware monitoring. If so you should hear yourself when Ardour isn’t running. – What settings Do you use in Ardour’s Audio/MIDI Setup dialog?

It may be easier to troubleshoot this interactively… join us on #ardour IRC chat, or via Ardour-Menu > Help > Chat

It is the default sum bus. Usually you have 10-20 tracks. say Drums, Guitars, Vocals… and they all are summed to “master” which in turn connects to the speaker and is also what you export.