¿How do i record from my Samson C03U USB microphone using Ardour?

Hello everybody…

I’m recording some song demos using Ardour… at this point I have an electroacoustic guitar track recorded using Line-in, next step is rocord voice. I have a new Samson C03U USB microphone for that purpose but i don’t know how to record from it in Ardour. Ubuntu Hardy recognizes the microphone (I guess), because there is a “2: Samson C03U (Alsa mixer)” option in the “File->Change Device” in the Ubuntu’s volume control.

In the “System->Preferences->Sound” panel i have the next conf.:

Sound events
Music and Movies
Sound conferencing (playback and capture)

i have “PulseAudio sound server” selected

and in “Default mixer tracks” the selected one is "Playback: ALSA PCM on sorround 51:0 (intel ICH5) via DMA (PulseAudio mixer).

So the question is:

¿How do I configure Ardour to record from my new USB microphone and (if needed) how to configure Ubuntu’s sound preferences to work well with Ardour-Samson C03U?

I’m not an expert, but pulseaudio is probably not be the server you want to use. Try JACK. If ALSA sees it, then it should work, although I’m not too sure about how well it works with USB devices…