How do I record audio output from Linux PC

I need to record audio from some television-clips and a music-track from my PC, to use in a podcast.

Is it possible to make a track in Ardour take a stereo-input from something like the built-in speakers of my PC, so I can run the video and record directly into my DAW?

I seem to remember Jack being able to do that, but how do I set up the QJackCtl in Linux Mint so it can work? Any pointers to how-to’s are much apreciated :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re using QJackctl, in the Settings > Misc tab, make sure you’ve enabled Jack D-Bus interface. Then when running sound from an application you should be able to right click your tray volume icon and choose to route audio through Jack Sink.

In Ardour, the audio should then be available under the “other” tab in the routing grid.

If this doesn’t work, try looking up more info like from here: WalkThrough_User_PulseOnJack · jackaudio/ Wiki · GitHub

I did as described, got some pointer via the IRC channel on Jack, and now I’m up and running with Jack for the first time! :smiley:

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