How do I prevent Ardour from "forgetting" my fluidsynth soundfont file?

(Ardour Fa3cv) #1

I have a few dozen sessions, all of which depend on a-Fluidsynth lv2 plugin and all of which reference a soundfont file (sf3) in a specific place. Every once in a while, the sessions “forget” the setting for the location of that soundfont file and I have to go through all 40+ sessions (x multiple tracks) to tell all these Fluidsynth instances where to find that sf3 file.

I think this may happen whenever I switch machines or rebuild/reinstall Ardour.

Shouldn’t the pointer to this file be stored in the Ardour session file? Why is Ardour forgetting and more important, how do I keep the reference to that file through any and all reinstalls/restarts/session shares, etc?

(roithamer) #2

I can only confirm that I have the same problem on 5.12, arch with zen kernel.