How do I modify/delete a patch change?

The instructions here

simply do not work for me. I have clicked, right clicked, control clicked the flag, the line, the region… nothing works.

Am I missing something simple? I’m importing MIDI files into ardour and they come with lots of patch changes sometimes. Getting rid of them all is a huge pain.


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@ardour_fa3cv; @ddayhtx

May be the next information will interest you also…

To get the appreciable difference between “G” and “E”, I found two options in Edit>Preferences>Theme>Transparency:

editable region - move the slider to the left;
midi frame base - move the slider to the right.

A big difference between sliders position provides a big visual difference between E&G modes! As for me - it’s comfortable.

Here’s my GIF illustration:

(This was taken from the old post here:

Good info here. Thx

Are you in internal edit mode? (Press “e” to enter this mode). The default mode is “grab” or “object” mode, and in this mode, all operations with the mouse are interpreted to apply to regions, not any data inside of them. You need to be in internal edit mode to alter MIDI data (or draw mode, for the same reasons).

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Yes, that did it. Thanks, Paul. I knew it had to be something basic. I’m obviously very new. Hope this helps someone else.