How do I make a click track?

I’m running Ardour 2 on OSX. I can’t figure out how to make a click track. The button on the toolbar is “on” (green) and the only option in the option editor is the sound files for the beat and the emphasis sounds, plus the volume slider. I can’t discern how to change the meter or tempo - currently 4/4 and 120 bpm.

Any help greatly appreciated!

you have to wire up the “click out” (in JACK) to some actual output on your machine. I don’t know about Mac & jack, being a linux guy, but you will have figured that one out if you’ve come this far. To change the bpm/time signature, you have to right-click on the “meter” track and you get a little edit window. What? there’s no right mouse button on your pretty white mouse? Well, there must be some kind of workaround for that one, too.

seb, that comment comes across as a little impolite… calm down! bbain, X11 on OS X may map keys a little goofy when running Ardour (or other X11 applications). for right click, contol+click may not equal a right click like it normally does. try alt or command + click for a right click.

of course, if your mac is at all recent, you probably have a mighty mouse, which is, of course, a two-button mouse… just right-click.

and ‘wiring’ works exactly the same in the mac os x and linux versions of qjackctl.

if you’re using JackPilot, it’s a little different. check out for more info. i seriously recommend qjackctl, though.

i’ve just committed a fix that prevent the “Click” button from doing anything in a newly created session. a “reloaded” session didn’t have the same problem. this is in svn revision 1332, and will be in 2.0 beta 11, appearing soon.

Thanks to all who responded. Once I connected the click out to a physical output, it worked. It did take a while to figure out how to change the tempo and meter (click in the area above the track displays), but I figured it out!