How do I locate the event? - Skipping event with unordered time 69.125

As I am working on cleaning a midi recorded sample file, I keep on having the log window poping up saying:

[WARNING]: Skipping event with unordered time 69.375 [WARNING]: Skipping event with unordered time 76.25
How can I reorder the event time and how do I locate the note(s) causing the problem?

Debian 7
Ardour 3.5.357

PS: I could not find a search bar in the forum window, Is it my view getting down or is there a other way to search the forum?

(1) this is a debugging issue, which is utterly pointless to discuss on a web forum. We use realtime chat (IRC) for that, as described on the support page
(2) this is a known issue with MIDI which will be addressed in the near future. Until it is, unless you are a developer, there isn’t a lot you can do about it
(3) the search bar only shows up if your browser window is at least 1024 pixels wide. A google site search (adding to the search terms) is an alternative (and is actually how the search bar works)

Thanks Paul for your quick and precise answers.