How do I "join" automatically all regions, when deleting audio (after editing it all or on the fly)

Basically what I do with Ardour is to edit speeches.
So I open the (generally) 30 minutes audio and wherever there is an speech mistake, like mispelled words, I have to edit it out. So I select the region and press “DEL”, but in destructive editing, it automagically join both left ends.

In ardour, it does not do that. So it keeps the space there and I have to drag the next region close to the starting end where the previous audio were, joining both.

Is there a way that, after doing this all, I can automatically remove all non-audio areas, or perhaps join them all at once, or do I have to manually drag them, every single time?

Thanks for the help!


I would actually strongly recommend you keep doing what you have already learned, and not use splice mode as it is fairly well broken.


I learned what was suggested… you can just set to GRID and EDIT MODE -> REGION BOUNDS and it you just drag the region backwards and it will snap right there where it was cut. The problem, however, is that when you make adjustements, tiny ones, you need to keep going to “NO GRID” or “Snap to Grid” because selecting tiny portions needs that. In Region Bounds mode, it will always select just an entire region no matter what.

I am not sure where I find the “Splice” mode Paul…

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Ardour, but, isn't this a job for Audacity?

The reason I am going with Ardour is that you can do CD Markers and export audio file + cuesheet file.
Real clever and missing feature in most audio applications.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Ardour, but, isn’t this a job for Audacity?

It depends. In general I use Mixbus for almost all audio editing, with specific exceptions.

If I am trying to morph sounds to use in a project, I will generally do that in a destructive editor. I also just purchased Izotope RX2 for the destructive editor for audio restoration. But very rarely do I reach for Audacity these days as it means I can’t apply an effect (EQ for instance) continue editing or processing, and then go back and tweak it very easily.


You have the basic idea of using region bounds for this yes. The only other thing I will add is that you need to make sure you select the TRACK that contains the regions you wish to use the bounds of. So if all your editing is on a single track, just make sure you select that track, set snap to GRID, and grid to REGION BOUNDS, and it should automatically snap to the end or beginning of a region.


“splice” mode will sort of do this in ardour2, but it is also very dangerous for use if you actually drag stuff around. you might want to experiment with it on a scratch session to see how it behaves (or misbehaves).