How do i isolate my faderport16 from triggering instruments sounds?

just setup ardour and my faserport 16 and am trying to get used to the workflow but i notice that when i use faders or tansport buttons on faderport that its also triggering sounds to play on my instruments that are loaded. how do i isolate each channel from being affected like this when all i really want to do is control the basics like volume,pan channel selection, transport features etc? im not trying to use the faderport to trigger instrument sounds… i dont have the instrument tracks armed but in particular i have superior drummer loaded on a midi track,literally any button i push on the faderport also triggers a cymbal or dum on the plugin no matter what midi feature i enable or disable in ardour midi settings. faderport16 set to studio one / mcu with newest firmware

The Faderport protocol uses standard MIDI Messages (Note, Pitch-bend, etc).

It seems that in your case the Faderport is connected to both the control surface, and MIDI tracks. Either you have done this by accident or this could be an indirect result. The solution is to disconnect it from the MIDI Drum track.

See (3) Input selector of The Ardour Manual - Audio/MIDI Mixer Strips

Also note that there is a setting that could cause this connection indirectly:

Ardour > Preferences > MIDI has the option MIDI input follows MIDI track selection,
when enabled, selecting a track assigns all MIDI devices that provide “Music data” to the selected track.

Check Ardour > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Port Config, if the Faderpor16 is marked to provide Music Data and/or Follow Selection.

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