How do I inver the phase of a track?

This must be a stoopid question, but how do I invert the phase of a track?

I recorded a track, and copied it to another track. Now I need both tracks to be out of phase with one another so that this goes to the rear channel of a dolby surround mix.

Haven’t found a plugin/filter or anything else to do this within ardour.

Thanks in advance,

Ok, well, ain’t it how it always is? You find the answer right after posting the question? :slight_smile:

Left click on track name in mixer and there’s a polarity option.

Not so stoopid! Never in a million years would I have figured it out myself. I had to google for the answer and this came out first :smiley:

There’s also a Ladspa plugin for this, which makes it possible to automate this.