How do I install on Windows . . . really

I know that it’s not supposed to work, but apparently jackdmp is working on windows ( - second link). Is there any way to compile Ardour for Windows? I love the software, but I can’t give up my Line 6 POD Farm plugin, and I’m not buying a Mac anytime soon.

Is it possible, yes, sorta…

But really unless you can figure it out and do it yourself, you shouldn’t be doing it.


I guess the POD farm uses iLok? Otherwise I’d suggest you might have more luck getting it working by running the plugin in either FST or Reaper (using WINE) and then hooking it up to ardour using JACK.

I have to have my POD plugged in usb and powered on for it to authorize

I am capable of figuring it out for myself, but I’d rather not reinvent the wheel if someone else has done it

@hogiewan: ardour will not compile on windows. The amount of work involved to make it compile would substantial.

I knew that it was said the jack would never work with windows, so when I saw that it was, I got excited at the possibility of using Ardour again. That excitement was in the back of my mind when my wife’s machine flipped out. Instead of buying a new motherboard/processor/ram, I scored a used PowerMac G5 for me and she’ll get my machine. Finally, I’ll get to use Ardour again.

Other proposal:

I am assuming, you were running a PC and have been using ardour under Linux on occasion.

Install Windows in a virtual machine on your Linux host (I have been using VirtualBox due to the portability over platforms) and pass your USB device through to it. After succesful initialization, take the USB path back to Linux (if required…) and use until the next power cycle (you can shut down the VM now) - if your dongle permits use of your device without a permanent connection that is.
If that last bit isn’t true you would have to keep the virtual machine running during your session wich in all likelyhood would kill the required real-time performance of your system.

I have successfully used this method to initialize Logitech USB devices with Windows drivers (which seem to shoot firmware out to the device) and then use them under OS X. Due to the G5 processor this won’t work on your new PowerMac but then it doesn’t sound like it needs to, either.

I have not tried this under Linux and a virtualization hypervisor typically brings a number of low-level drivers which might collide with real-time stuff like Jack… It does work fine under OS X 10.[5,6].x

Your mileage may vary.

Regards, Otto