How do I install Ardour on OS X 10.5.1

I’ve installed Jack and got it working. I’ve updated X11 from my Leopard DVD. When I launch Ardour nothing happens. I’m a noob and would really like a step by step to get this up and running. Please help!

You will need to wait for the release of 2.2 as an X11-based DMG.
Apple changed many things about X11 in Leopard (they even broke it completely for a while), and Ardour (along with many other apps ported from Linux) have been affected. We have the fix done, and it will be in the X11 DMG build whenever we can get it out there, which is entirely a function of manpower & time.

Wow…thanks for the update. I thought I was a crazy person there for a while.

I have Ardour 2.1 working on my Macbook Pro with OS 10.5.1. I seem to remember having to go to a website to download a new X11 (I have 2.1.1- (xorg-server 1.3.0-apple5)) but I can’t say for sure. Then, you have to open X11 before you start Ardour (and obviously after starting Jack). The first time you try to run Ardour, it may take as long as several minutes to boot. It took mine about 4 minutes, I think – I forgot I had clicked it, and just left it in limbo, then 4 minutes later, Presto! Following this initial and unexplainable boot period, the app is usually up in 5-10 seconds give or take.


The updates for the Leopard X11 that Scott mentions are here: